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The orchestra was founded more than ten years ago. Its fame rests on the skills of its leading violinist, the
unique style and outstanding virtuosity of the members, and the rich and varied repertoire. The orchestra is primarily based on string instruments and cymbals which are tipically hungarian, or Far Eastern origins and becoming more popular in the classic genre. The set-up of the orchestra is also traditional. Its members come from Hungary's most authentic Gipsy music background, giving a special flavour to their music. The orchestra is led by the talented violin virtuoso, Josef Nemeth Csicsó, whose music has charmed the audiences of many countries in the world and who gives the orchestra its professional character.

Csicsó Nemeth was born in Budapest and comes from a family of musicians. He graduated from the Liszt Ferenc Conservatoire, and joined the famous Rajko Orchestra. His last tour with the orchestra was on board the luxurious ship ˝Grand Princess˝ cruising the Mediter- ranean. He has participated in numerous radio and television performances and in 1999 issued his record ˝Budapest by Night˝.

The extremely wide musical repertoire of the ensemble consists of works by classical composers such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Liszt, all performed in specific gipsy style, together with operetta and film music, hungarian folk songs and traditional authentic gipsy songs. The Hungarian Gipsy orchestra never use notes in concerts but is able to improvise at the request of the public.

The orchestra has been acclaimed for the unique beauty of its music and high quality of its performance through Hungary, Europe, USA and Japan. Following their appearence at the Israel festival, the orchestra will go for a concert tour in Japan.
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